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 Wow, so it's been a number of months hasn't it?  About 4 if my math is right...and there's really no telling at this point... so we'll go with 4 anyhow.

A recap for the past 4 months or so:
  • I'm still with Walmart, passed my 90 Day evaluation with FLYING colors, but am feeling a bit stretched thin. They seem to want me in 4 different departments (all pretty much at the same time) without actually paying me for working in that department specifically. In essence, if I'm scheduled for 8 hours in Pharmacy, then they want to pull me for 4 hours or better and work in HBA, but won't give me just hours in HBA. This means that my work in Pharmacy is only half complete at best, and my performance suffers a bit for it. My department manager is aware of the situation however, and keeps telling me to just " Do the best you can with the time you have". Well at least she's being understanding about it....
  • My relationship with my mate has healed ten fold. Recently, he started going to see a therapist to deal with a number of trust, abuse, and other assorted issues that he had which kept him straying from me in our relationship. This has helped us BOTH a great deal. It's opened up our lines of communication, and brought a number of easily talked through issues to light. He's been so faithful, and it really shows. I can't even say how proud I am of him, and how good it feels to really have my mate back.
  • Our finances still weigh heavily on my mind, but I'm learning how to just take what I have and do the best I can with it. We're becoming more able to both have food, and have fun. It's something we're just going to have to keep an eye on in the future. Sure the numbers look impressive, but when you consider that gas is pretty much 5$ a gallon, and start to factor in all the other things that are really needed to sustain ourselves for another two weeks, it's hard to make all the numbers mesh up successfully.
  • Liz did come out to see me in February. Sadly, it was an incredibly short visit. She was out here for maybe two days before the weather really started getting to her. Hell, my first three months out here consisted of nothing but nose bleeds, severe allergies, and dry-mouth the likes of which no pot-head has ever known. Still, though she was feeling a bit under the weather (from the weather...HAH) she went to the doctor and it looked like things were going to clear up... until she got that call from her dad. It seems that her mother  (who was diagnosed with Multiple myeloma a cancer of the plasma cells in bone marrow) had taken a turn for the worse. He wouldn't tell us how much worse, just that she'd had another stroke and was in intensive care. Fearing for the loss of her mother, Liz left the next day bright and early. It was honestly one of the most sad and confusing days of my life. I hadn't seen her in well over 5 years, and having her ripped away from me like that made me terribly bitter. I don't blame her, but was bitter in any case.
  • My dreads are now 20.5 months old, and I'm very quickly nearing the two year mark. More of them are splitting lately... be it on their own or with my help... I split one a month or so ago to cover an obnoxiously bare spot, and two more a few days ago just because. I'm also proud to announce that as of today I can finally pull my hair up with my HAIR. It doesn't stay very well yet, but damnit, it's a start! I'm also noticing a bit of length, which makes me terribly happy. Hopefully by the two year mark they will look more like respectable dreadlocks... with a bit of length, which, really, is what I'm after here.
Now that the recap is complete, I have a bit of sad news. As of Saturday April 16th, our beloved chinchilla, Synder, passed away. We have little idea what the cause is, or really how old he was. All of the information given to us from the 'breeder' (that's read 'neglectful owner') was up to this point incorrect or inaccurate, so there's really no telling what happened. Personally, I think his kidney's a maybe even liver shut down, and he wasn't getting the nutrition he needed. Not by any fault of ours... we bought him the highest grade chinchilla pellet that money could buy (which he ADORED, and gobbled at great length), made sure to keep his fruit treats (namely, craisins) to a minimum as to not cause any stomach upsets or digestive issues. He had fresh hay constantly, and his cage was kept pretty clean for an animal that's constantly producing little pellets and flinging them all over the floor.... Despite all of this, he just wasn't gaining any weight. None at all. He was skin and bones from the day we got him, to the day he passed. Happy as all get out, and incredibly charismatic, but skin and bones. We're going to miss him dearly, and the cats are already lost without him to harass. Goodbye Syn, you'll always have a spot knawed out in my heart.

On a more positive note, we are scheduled to pick up a new baby chinchilla come May(ish). We're hoping that we can get the little white male, but at this point, any chilla is better than none. Our bedroom is just much too quiet and mundane without one here.

I'll end this here, I have no idea what I'll be doing, but I do have a few spiral afghans in the works that I might do a bit more work on. I go back to work on Sunday, and will be working a 40 HOUR WEEK this week, so I need all the R&R I can get!

My weekend begins

 Off of work... finally.

There were too many dogs tonight... all of like 45, but it felt like a lot anyhow. Butt bump girl (who I will from here on out be refering to as 'A') was scheduled out at 5am... and seeing as we didn't start walks until 4:15am, there were very few walks done. I managed to complete them all (as well as somehow getting around to refilling all the empty water dishes and collecting the last few personal items of the dogs that were checking out today) by 6am, but am now terribly sore and sleepless...and I'm pretty sure I smell like dog. Getting off at 6am is the worst... your body's biological sleep timer has flipped over, and now demands that you stay awake. And if you manage to get right to bed when you get home, then you can only seem to sleep for a few hours before the biological alarm clock demands that you get up. Lucky for me, I'm pretty good at turning that particular alarm clock off without waking myself... so as long as it doesn't get too hot, I'm just peachy. Oh wait...I LIVE IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA; it's always hot here...crap. Oh well, I suppose it's time to adapt. 

It does seem that co-worker relations are going a bit better from my last post. Neither of them seem to act as if anything happened. Oh well, if they're going to sweep it under the rug, then I'm not going to lose any sleep over it either. No sense in getting so butt-hurt (pun not intended, but still humorous) over hateful things said in a sleepy stupor. At least I know what people really think, and that some people are more concerned with how I spend my  free time, because they no longer have any. Kinda makes me proud...almost as if I want to flaunt all that extra time. But then again, I am logging my life on LJ, and I have too many things to do, and too much fun to be having to actually concoct a scheme like that. My only real problem as this point is the same problem that I've had with people all of my life: It seems as if I'm out of the social loop. Turns out that the birthday party that 'A' wanted to go to, is the party (to the best of my knowledge) of another co-worker of mine who I will be calling 'C'. From recent status updates I can gather that she is, in fact, still planning on going. I could care less about whether 'A' is really going to that party or not. My point is, even though I consider 'C' and I to be pretty good friends, I hear nothing of it. No " hey I'm having a party, if you can get there you're welcome to come" or anything of the sort. Worst part is, 'C' has known me much longer than she has known 'A'... they've formed this little clique though... it's 'C', 'T' & 'A' (which as I look at it, makes me giggle just a bit) and there's no room for me. It's kind of depressing for me... like a nightmare from my childhood that continues to follow me into adulthood and plague me whenever it gets the chance. Somehow I'm still the one excluded from social situations with friends... I'm still the one that no one thinks of when the guest list is a bit sparse... I'm still the fat kid wearing the windbreaker jogging suit that her grandmother bought her... I'm still the ugly girl that no one wants to ask to the dance... I'm still that kid that gets all of three valentines in her valentine's day box (two of which are from teachers)...I'm still the goth that no one dares talk to in high school for fear that she'll "eat my soul" or some crap like that ... I guess I'll always be that fat, ugly, strange little girl that no one dares invite to events for fear of losing social standing. I suppose I should just be happy with being so close to my mate (most people call them boyfriends or significant others or something similar, but he's my soul mate, and I address him accordingly) and forget everyone else... but in the long run, it's a lot harder to watch everyone else have someone to hang out with while you're left watching all the fun that they're having together; It's much easier to say than do is all... but it seems the more I try, the less success I have. So perhaps I'll stop trying and see where that takes me. Regardless, I will stick to just being who I am, even if it means that I won't have anyone but my mate with me. I'd rather be alone than trying desperately to be something that I'm not, and will never be.

On a much lighter note, my dreads are nearing the 9 month mark. I'm finally getting enough confidence to wear them out in public... after almost nine months of hiding my hair under hand made hats. I can look at my reflection and finally start to see dreads, and not just silly masses of crazy, looped, almost curly looking mats of hair. Yes, I'm aware that dreads are really nothing more than matted hair anyhow...so shush. 

Watching my weight is becoming a bit tougher. Sure, it hasn't even been a week yet, but it really takes going grocery shopping to realize how awful many foods are for you, and the fact that portion sizes are insanely small compared to what's contained in a package. It does, however, make me feel a hell of a lot better knowing that I'm more aware of my actions... knowing that I really was eating far too much, and that it really was severely in excess. It feels good knowing that I'm helping myself out in the long run, but it's so hard to pass up things that I'm craving; things that before I started this life-style-change journey, I would have snapped up in half a second (if not less).

Oh well, enough of my post-work ramblings. I need to try and get some sleeps. My mate has waited patiently for me all night, and I'm afraid he can wait no longer.
For * see note(s) at bottom.
Thanks ^-^

So here I am... at the internet cafe.. even though I probably don't have the sleep to properly keep up with my work schedule tonight. That's alright. I'll get off at 6am and go have one hell of a snoozle, before work again tomorrow night.

You see, after a nasty scuffle (verbal scuffle... over facebook I might add) with two co-workers of mine*, I have the feeling that one of them is trying to ruin my fun at pizza night. You see, this week she sends me this fb message asking to switch shifts with me (friday for sunday) so that I could go to pizza night, and she could go to a friend's b-day party. Guess what, she flaked out next day in the form of another fb message... guess who could see that coming? I, however, will not be controlled by the will of an immature 20-something year old wainch.  So, I sit at pizza night, enjoying my BAWLS energy drink and my pizza. Did I just eat up all of my Weight Watcher's points for the day? Damn skippy. I even ate up a number of my weekly 'splurge points'. But it feels good. It feels good knowing that her trying to ruin my weekend did not work, and that I will enjoy my pizza and energy drink as I please. I'll hate myself when 5:30am rolls around, but hey, we all have to make sacrifices right?

Speaking of which. We were recently informed that PetSmart's corporate office was going to make extensive cuts on the 3rd shift (that would be my shift). It seems that instead of two people working 3rd shift a night, there will only be one. This is both a good and bad thing for all 4 3rd shift workers. One of them (the afformentioned bff from the previous paragraph) is full time... but she's also been trained to do other work in the PetsHotel. Another works at PetSmart as a second job, and can only work three specific days in a week. This leaves myself and the girl with the butt bump to pick up the slack. I was terribly a'feared at the news, seeing as that leaves little to no hours for me, but after viewing next week's schedule (which is still giving me almost 24 hours a week) I'm not that frightened. The upside to these cuts is the fact that our work load is going back to normal ( something that the 'bff' is not too happy about). We had taken on part of the workload from 1st shift as well, which is all fine if you're on meth or speed or something and don't mind working until your brain is mush and your hands and feet can't function anymore. Personally, I like to retain the function of my brain and extremities at the end of the night... I know, I'm strange like that.

It's been a relatively good night. I hope that it'll stay that way (regardless of the fact that I have to work with the 'bff' tonight, and we haven't spoken since our verbal scuffle)... I can't promise anything after the energy drink wears off though. Maybe the Pokemon will keep me occupied enough to stay awake; assuming that I have free time... as it seems that it offends people when I crochet at work... *rolls eyes*
*one has this butt bump that gets all nasty and infected and she can't do anything about it, so she calls me at 3pm to attempt to get me to take her 9pm shift... after I'd been up all day... I said no...cause I was going to pizza night. She got butt hurt <pun completely intended> and posted some mess on facebook. I griped to her bff about it <I know, I'm a dumbass> and her bff tore me a new one, not for saying mess about how childish her friend was acting, but because I crochet in my free time... wait, the hell? We figure that her issue goes much deeper than my crocheting hobby... at least we're hoping she's not that petty.